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November 21—Fall Congregational Meeting

Sunday, November 21, during the Adult Education Hour 9:30-10:30am. Join us for the Fall Congregational Meeting for the election of Elders and other church business. Reminder: To vote, one must be a member of Wellspring Family Church.

December 5—Guest Dr. Robert Carter, Creation Ministries International

Wellspring welcomes Dr. Robert Carter, an accredited Creation Ministries International Speaker.

Join us at 9:30am for a special presentation on Dinosaurs & Fossils: Amazing Evidence for Creation!

Stay for our 10:45am Worship Service and Dr. Carter’s message: The Alternative: Creation’s Competitive Edge.

Return at 6:30pm for a specialty talk:  The Historical Adam: Theological Conundrums and Scientific Implications.

These presentations demonstrate how the Gospel message is rooted in the book of Genesis and provides evidence to support the reliability of the Bible’s record of origins.

Attendance is free and all are welcome. Creation resources will be available before and after the services.

About Dr. Robert Carter

Rob is one of the world’s leading Christian researchers into the study of human genetics and how this relates to human biblical origins. The good news is that the Bible can really be trusted when it comes to such history and in particular its account of Creation as read in the book of Genesis.

Like so many, Rob was challenged by his college education that started to sap his faith. That was until he saw Creation magazine. Realizing that science and religion were not in conflict with one another, his faith grew. So much so, that his passion is now communicating this important truth to people everywhere.

Rob is a much loved and engaging speaker, so don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to hear one of the world’s leading creation scientists, and see why!

December 24, 2021—Christmas Eve Service

Join us on December 24, 2021, at 6pm for our Christmas Eve Service. We will anticipate and celebrate the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus with carols, readings and candlelight. Plan on attending this special night.

January 22, 2022—Mission Festival

Mark the date! Come and be inspired by what God is doing through Wellspring, locally, nationally and internationally. We will provide more information when available!

February 5, 2022—Chili Cook-off

Mark the date! Come and bring your favorite pot of chili for our annual Chili Cook-off to benefit K’Motion! We will provide more information when available!