In the spring of 2020, Wellspring began a visioning process to provide insight into our culture and community, clarity for our ministry and missions, and direction for future growth. This framework, presented on December 6, 2020 and implemented in January, 2021, will help define our unique identity and guide our church for the years to come.

Our Mission

Our Values
Our Strategy


How am I pursuing sharing Jesus with others?

With whom at Wellspring do I share my unfiltered story?

How has God spoken to me through scripture in the last
24 hours?

How am I using my gifts to serve with others on mission?


Over the next 10 years, we see a growing family on mission sent to 10 local or global mission fields meeting the needs of the most vulnerable of the next generation in order to see the gospel transform them. We will see 100% of our households serving a mission field by praying, giving and / or going.