What's here for my kids?

Weekly Events


9:30am Sunday School

• Classes for Nursery through 5th grade

10:45am Worship Hour

• Classes for Nursery – PreK

• Kindergarten through 5th grade attend Worship then released to Children’s Church


Kids in Motion meets 6:30 to 8pm on Wednesdays during the school year.
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• 3 years old through 5th grade

• High-energy games, activities and Bible teaching

• Kids in Motion begins September 6!

Coming SOON

Easter Trunk Hunt

Saturday, March 16, 2-4pm—Come fill your basket with treats and your heart with hope at the Wellspring Family Church Trunk Hunt! You’ll travel from trunk to trunk, gathering candy while learning the Good News of the Easter message: God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. What could be sweeter?

At Wellspring Family Church back parking lot. 5293 S. Lindbergh Blvd. Across from Ronnie’s Cinema.


Coming this summer


Sunday-Friday, July 21-26—Teens 4th grade through 9th… save the dates! Plan on a week of fun, laughter, and making new friends. A week of camping in a natural setting, games and activities, combined with Christian values will enable you and your friends to better understand God’s power in your lives. Watch for registration coming soon.


Wellspring Kids Mission:

At Wellspring Family Church we value children as the next generation of the church. Our desire is to provide a safe and engaging environment where we help every child know Jesus Christ in a real and personal way, cultivate a love for God’s Word by studying it deeply and discover how to use their gifts and abilities for the glory of God. Further, we desire to partner with and equip parents as they raise this next generation of the church.

Wellspring Kids Safety:

Children are a gift from the Lord and are vital members of the church. Entrusted with this gift, we prioritize the safety of children in our care by adhering to a stringent child protection policy which includes: a secure check-in/check-out system, at least two unrelated adults over age 18 in each classroom, federal and state background checks for all volunteers over 18, and sexual abuse awareness training for all volunteers. A copy of our complete Minor Protection Policy is available upon request.