Our Missions

Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

The call to missions is everywhere in scripture. God clearly states His people are to go out and bring people into worship of the one true God. We want to serve, aid the poor and love our neighbor. Wellspring Family Church has many missional opportunities to share the gospel and help the poor here locally in St. Louis and overseas.

Why Missions Matter at Wellspring Family Church

There is a phrase in Uganda where many foreigners are called “mzungu,” which means “someone who wanders without a purpose.” Scripture calls us all to the purpose of mission and living out a fulfilled life of obedience and serving others as Jesus did. New relationships with others on mission and with those we serve are often life changing and humbling.

The best way to learn about missions is to go! If you can’t go, partner with a missionary or local church mission. Join us! We have incredibly Good News to share!


Uganda Orphan Care

Can you think of anyone more in need of a hand of love than a homeless orphan child in Uganda? If you have a heart for children without families, our Orphan Care Ministry connects you to a child who needs a family, provides resources to those without love and support, and offers hope in Jesus’ name. Dan Rauch is the contact.

India—Happy Bar Nutrition
With a vision of a world where no one is undernourished, Happy Bar Nutrition is sharing the love of Jesus one nutrition bar at a time. Donations make it possible to provide 25,000 nutrition bars per month to children living in leprosy colonies and rehab centers, hospice, slums, orphanages for HIV+, and cancer wards. Jack Kennedy is the contact. 
St. Louis—Life Team
God created us in his own image and rescued us through Jesus Christ when we were defenseless in our sin. Because we have been given a new life, out of gratitude, the Life Team coordinates local, national and international efforts to dignify human life at every stage. Denise B. coordinates our efforts at Wellspring.
Reach Global

This effort by the EFCA seeks to glorify God by multiplying transformational churches among all people throughout the world, in their own native context. Wellspring Family Church supports the work of Reach Global through the full-time ministry Rick and Donna Burke. 

St. Louis—Cup of Nations
A movement that began in Houston and St. Louis uses soccer as a way to connect with immigrants and refugees. The goal is to make friends, and ultimately disciples, through the summer soccer tournament and festival, as well as the winter Futsal League. Charlie Johnson and John Ritland are the contacts.
Veszprém, Hungary—Ádám Szabados
Dr. Ádám Szabados has been the Pastor at Evangelical Christian Church, Veszprém, Hungary since 1999. He helped start the Hungarian Evangelical Forum and is the leader of its Steering Committee. He is married to Dóra, and they have two boys. Cheryl H. is a local contact for Ádám.
St. Louis—Rise Together Ministries
Pastor Worku Geremew, an Ethiopian immigrant himself, founded Rise Together Ministries to provide an after-school tutoring program, a communal mentoring program, a furniture and clothing ministry, a counseling program, and a job development program to connect the poor and immigrants in
St. Louis to the Gospel.
Homeless Relief St. Louis

Wellspring is a partner with inExcelsis, a ministry of The Way, and offers immediate relief to those who are homeless in St. Louis. Your donations of socks, gloves and hats, and gently used coats provide warmth in cold weather months. Personal care kits with toiletries and sanitary items provide dignity. Food cards and expressions of love through Jesus Christ provide hope. 

Brad Wos, Multicultural Director, Central District EFCA
Brad serves as the Multicultural Director for the Central District of the EFCA His ministries cover 4 states and serve 13 million people. Brad mobilizes and multiplies disciple-makers and church planters among all peoples. Brad also utilizes sports and campus activities and outreach in his ministry.
St. Louis—Oasis International

The mission of Oasis International is to love and care for those who seek refuge from war-torn countries. Oasis helps connect individuals, churches and civic organizations with community outreach to meet the needs of new refugees settling in St. Louis. Mark and Joanie Akers are contacts.

Interim Pastors Ministries—Pastor Terry Schoenfeld

Interim Pastor Ministries provide temporary pastors to strengthen churches during pastoral transition. Pastor Terry Schoenfeld helps hurting churches by providing strong Bible teaching and encouraging them to continue in their mission. Terry has been a senior pastor at Wellspring Family Church and participated in 15 foreign mission trips including mission trips to Russia, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Togo, inner cities in the US, and Navajo reservations.

St. Louis—Camp Motion
A community outreach event designed to provide a low-cost camp option for working parents, Camp Motion offers a one-week, all-day camp in the summer. Campers choose from art or sports options and enjoy live entertainers, games and activities, all while learning the saving truth of the Gospel. Jenny Wescoat is the contact.
St. Louis—Dutchtown Outreach
Ryan and Dana Irwin lead tutoring /mentoring programs, neighborhood bible studies, community groups, and weekly Kid’s Club that create connection to  parents. They bring love, reconciliation, identity and dignity to the Dutchtown community of St. Louis by living out and sharing the restoring love of Jesus Christ.