Family Camp 2021

Camp Safety Precautions

Pinecrest and Wellspring Family Church have implemented a few measures for a more low-contact Family Camp weekend to help minimize risk as we enjoy our weekend together! 

The changes you will see this year are:

Sessions –Based on the cool weather we’re expecting for Family Camp weekend, our sessions will be in the Pinecrest Chapel, with an outdoor option to sit on the deck surrounding the Chapel with speakers on the deck. If you plan to join us in the Chapel, please plan to wear your mask while indoors for the singing and session time.

  • Masks – Please plan to wear your masks
    • While in line for meals in the Dining Hall
    • During indoor singing and sessions in the Chapel
    • During the indoor Trivia Night on Saturday night
    • On the deck of the pool if you’re there to watch and not swim
  • Gym – The gym will be open for the usual free play, and no masks are required in the gym. Each family can decide on their comfort level in using the Pinecrest gym facilities as it is indoors, and masks are not required.
  • Low-Contact Dining – Pinecrest has implemented a few changes to the dining process. Please wear masks while waiting in line, utilize the hand washing station in the Dining Hall while in line for food service, food & ice cream will be served cafeteria style (served by Pinecrest staff) instead of self-serve, tables have been changed to large round tables so that diners across the table are more spaced. Pinecrest will also have 7 picnic tables outside the Dining Hall area for limited outdoor seating.
  • Childcare – Each family should decide their own comfort level in utilizing the childcare / children’s program during Family Camp weekend. Measures that have been put in place to minimize risk are:
    • Kid’s Program will be held outdoors as much as possible, and the indoor location will be in the gym so that the kids have lots of room to space out. The program will be less hand’s on, more outside, and minimized sharing supplies, etc.